Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally a loss to be happy with

Ok so havn't wrote since saturday, which went well and sunday I worked but it wasn't sooo bad, then dean Made a really good soup which i have leftovers for tommrow's lunch. And Sunday we didn't really do a hole lot, watched some TV then went to bed. Monday I was down 3 lbs!!! I was so happy. I've finally made it to the 170's! So yesterday I tidy'd and then picked dean up at 230, we exersized I was dying I found it so hard! So anyway we did that and I tried to bread fish for supper which turned out ok. Then we had a few drinks to celebrate.

Today we just relaxed and went to lunch at Smitty's and I had to go visit my Papa at the hospital, he's looking better! I went to mom's for supper and now am back home relaxing, tommrow it's back to work, and hopefully the gym

Keep active!

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  1. Awesome loss Holly!!!!!!!!

    What's going on with your Papa? Anything J&I can do for ya just let us know.