Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Moon

Well lets see, today was OK, long and i am ready for bed now but OK. I worked and that was fine, then went to the gym, did some cardio and some strength training. Dean is working a close tonight so i am home by myself. When i got home didn't really do too much, talked to mom on the phone. My Grandfather is sick and not doing well and we are all stressed about that.

Then i made blueberry scones for the potluck we are having at work tomorrow. They are relatively low in pts and they would have been really good if our oven wasn't sent at a higher temp. I didn't burn them but they are over cooked, Oh well. Had some salad for supper and cleaned up.

Then finished New Moon, a great book and I want the next one!!! But i don't think it's out in paper back yet so i will wait for now. I am going to read The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe again, it is part of my new years goals to read the whole series again. So i may start that tonight or i may put something on TV.

I need to go pick dean up at work tonight at 1230 so i will be going to bed soon, and tomorrow is my last day of work, and my last day before i weigh in, That being said I plan to go to McDonald's as dean has been craving it like mad, i will get a quarter ponder with fries and hopefully not eat it all... yea right, so i will just have to be careful at the potluck...

we will see what tomorrow brings!

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