Wednesday, January 14, 2009


OK so today i found to be a rough day. I was sleepy and just not in a good mood for most of it. Work just seemed super annoying today which isn't good. I don't like days like that it makes it hard to keep it up. Some times i think i chose the wrong profession, other times i love being a nurse. Any was so i had a huge headache at work and when i picked dean up to go home, When i got home i was for the most part cranky and whiny. So i sulked around and then got in the shower which helped allot.

So for supper Dean was gonna make something but i wanted McDonald's, so we cleaned up the spare bedroom and then departed. Now i did go over my points but i still have my flex and my activity points, so i had a hamburger and fries, and it was good, completely made my day.

Now we are just relaxing, i go to work again tomorrow and hopefully will have a better day than today. I also plan on going to the gym on the way home and hopefully doing my running week 2 program, i will let every one know how that goes.

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