Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A mixed up day.

So today i stayed home from work, I have been in a funk and i think i am finally getting out of it. So last night which we were gonna have a few drinks ended up being 2 and we went to bed by 10. So this morning we were up around 830, we lazed around and had some breakfast, i had some cereal with milk and a kiwi. Then we started cleaning around 10. I cleaned the living room and hunny cleaned the kitchen. Then for lunch we had grilled cheese and tomato soup, and it filled my belly. Then out for a few errands, we bought a blender and some had weights for when we work out at home. And to future shop to pick up a few movies. Then back home where i had a cat nap and felt icky. Dean had to work at 330 and i was gonna go to the gym, so we got ready and i drove him to work. At the gym i started my run but after 15/30 mins i was not into it at all, my legs hurt and i was way to tired. So i came home and ate a little too much dark chocolate, and felt like eating everything, so i wrote on the ww board and looked around the net a bit, and got alot of advice from the ladies on the board. and then cooked some pasta and a salad. Now I am full and still have a few points left for a small snack later, tomorrow Dean is off with me so we are going to clean a bit and then go to mom's for supper, so i will save some points for that because she usually makes high pt suppers. Hope everyone is having a good day!

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