Saturday, January 24, 2009

what's happened to me?1

Well I've been a bit away lately. Last you heard from me I was making chicken in the crock pot on Thursday, it is now Saturday.

Well the crock pot chicken turned out lovely, and made even better leftovers Friday. But Thursday we didn't do too much else, a little bit of exercise and we watched some movies.

Yesterday I had work, ugh, anyway Dean was off at 3 as well and we had to go grocery shopping. Which wasn't too bad, we made out list and stuck to it for the most part. We were 6 dollars over our budget but we got lots of healthy new food, including stuff for some soup recipes I want to try. Then we went out to Boston Pizza where I didn't do too bad, the appetizer is what did it. But I know for next time. Once we were back home Dean made me my lunch for today while i got my stuff ready then we sat down to watch SmackDown, but didn't make it far into it because I fell asleep and Dean was pretty tired too.

Today has been icky, I don't know what it is about work but I can't seem to stand it, and I got bad news about my grandfather so it was a mixed up day. So I got home and had a shower and will laze around until bed time. Then it's back to work again tomorrow...

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