Sunday, January 18, 2009

I said yes to the dress!

OK so I have allot to say and some time so here we go:

Yesterday was awesome, and i found my wedding dress and it is ordered and paid for (thanks mom). So once the drama ended me mom and dean met Heather at the HSC where she was completing a scavenger hunt in the attempt to win Elton John, Billy Joel tickets. She didn't win :(

So then i drove dean to work and Heather me and mom headed to Winchesters bridal in Halifax. Once there we looked around and put my name on the waiting list, then waited, and waited, and waited. Finally about 15 mins before the store was suppose to close they took me and i tried on dresses. And the lady that was helping me was the one i thought wouldn't be helpful, and she was extremely. Now i can't give any details about my dress (hunny reads my blogs), but i can say i love it and it is nothing like what we thought would look good on me. So that being said it's amazing how a wedding dress can make you look so good.

so after dress shopping we went to Boston pizza for supper where i had a celebratory drink and a yummy chicken dish which was higher in points than i wanted but wasn't too bad because i took half of it home. then it was to bed for me and i couldn't sleep.

so that was yesterday, and i am happy to have found a dress and now look forward to making other wedding plans.

Today was pretty good, and will only get better. Me and Dean got up around 830 and I am happy to announce that he is at his goal weight, yay hunny! While i was in the shower he made yummy pancakes for breakfast with some fresh pineapple on the side, then we got ready and went out to run some errands, well shopping mostly, we went to wal-mart where i bought some new sweats for the gym, and then to the mall where we looked for an ab workout DVD with little success. Then to chapters where Dean bought Chef Ramsey's new book and i bought the hungry girl cookbook. Then to Sobeys to pick up a few things and back home.

Once home we had lunch (leftover BP for me) and then Dean hooked up the good ol' xbox where we worked out to my yourself fitness game for an hour, now we are just relaxing for the rest of the night in the snow and dreading driving to work tomorrow in the snow/rain white shit we are getting.

Tomorrow is a start to my new week and i weigh in tomorrow so i will have some new stats and might upload my before pics that are still sitting on my camera.

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