Monday, January 19, 2009

a very bad day at work

OK so today was a day, not a good one, So we had a nice slush storm and Dean had to do inventory this morning, so at 430 we headed out, me in my work gear cuz the roads were a mess. And once at Wendy's i stayed there until 6 when I went to work. And i was alone, which really was not fun, and we were short staffed and i was just miserable. so i picked dean up and we exercised and had a yummy supper of pork chops and couscous, which i had never dried before. then i had a shower and we are now sitting having a few drinks, which i probably shouldn't be having but they are helping me relax, and i may not go to work tomorrow. so that is me. and my weight in was the same as last week, oh yay...

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