Thursday, January 15, 2009

pig out

OK so today was a bad day. I went to work and was already not in the mood to be there, so i drank some chocolate milk, i had a chocolate bar and i ate all the rest of my food. so work went by, not as well as i wanted it too and i didn't go to the gym, i wanted to when i left this morning, i wanted to when i was at work, but because dean was home today i didn't go, and this hasn't been the first time, and so now i am 2 days without going and it gets worse.

so i got home and had an English muffin with jam, didn't need it could have, should have had fruit but i did it, and i didn't even really taste it. then supper which was really good and hunny spent a long time to try and lower the points down from 15 to 9. So i also had a nap while hunny was cooking supper, so i had supper which was good, and i was already over my daily points by 5. Then we went for ice cream at Dairy Queen, yea right... I was thinking of having a med Sunday when i left home, but got there and got a banana split, so 12 points later i am overly full and now over my limit by 17 points.

Needless to say i feel bad, but i also think i needed it, now tomorrow is a new day and i will start fresh, no junk and I'm gonna go to the gym and do the workout i did today and the one i planned to do tomorrow, so hopefully yay me

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