Thursday, January 8, 2009

I did it!

Ok so I did it, I ran, so only 9 mins in total but still!!! I am very excited about this and it has totally motivated me to do better. So that being said I am a little sore. Dean did my measurements for me last night and I was a little upset about them, but in comparison to my running they weren't a huge deal. Today we are going to get groceries, stock up on some healthy stuff i am hoping, and going to visit my mom. I am also on the hunt for a food scale as I have wanted one for a while and never got one. Food wise yesterday wasn't too bad, I did make up a baileys drink which was 8Pts on WW but only put me over into my Flex by 2. Oh yea I don't think I mentioned my Weight Watchers, well i do it online and it has helped me before so i am hoping it will help me again, well that's all, want to keep things short and sweet!


  1. Good job! Glad you're loving the running. Just think, in 9 weeks you will be running for 35 mins straight!!!! We have a very nice new food scale from Canadian Tire I believe. I will tell u the brand.

  2. 9 mins is wicked Holly!!! Losing 30-35lbs by September is a very attainable goal, I know you can do it! Regardless you're going to look beautiful on the big day :)