Friday, November 27, 2009

And the bomb dropped!

Ok well my week with the magic journal bombed big time. I am in the negative in a big way. However that being said I am in a place now after some tears and binging that I think I can tackle this.

This last week has been full of stress and due to that has led to my eating being all over the map. I have been mad, sad, and down right pissed off. Now I am content. Tomorrow I am going in there and hitting the big fat RESTART button.

Over all I think this week has been enlightening, although I have eaten tones of bad stuff I still managed to get my fruits and veggies in everyday. I did get to the gym a few days and walked a little. No not near as much as I like but I’ll survive.

I took a mental health day from work today and will relax and I have promised myself that even if I gain this week, I will not walk out and I will continue going to ww meetings.

Well I am off to plan meals now, pack for the night and relax a bit. 


  1. The important things is you are still thinking about it and trying and not giving up. This thing we are trying to do? It's hard! Good for you for taking a day to regroup. Hang in there.

  2. Not giving up is the most important lesson in this whole thing! Do you go to meetings with friends? Just vent with them at the next WI. Leave it all in that meeting and walk out of there ready to RULE THE WORLD *S*