Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Andromeda Strain

By Michael Crichton

andromdea strian


So in an attempt to be a little different I have decided to write book reviews on the books I read. So here is my first one any feedback would be lovely.

The Andromeda Strain takes place in the 1960’s in America. There are 3 – 4 main characters. That makeup “Wildfire” a secret team of the government who is called when there are “alien” bugs (bacteria, virus ect.). Most of the story concentrates on Dr. Mark Hall a single man who was introduced to the team specifically because he was single. The other men are Dr. Stone, the leader and a few others who aren’t really significant.

When a US Space rover lands in a small community called Piedmont the local smartass decides to open it. This leads to the whole community dying except for an old man and small baby. The wildfire team is brought in to investigate and take the survivors and the craft to their underground installation. There they attempt to isolate the bug and find a way to kill it. During their endeavours contamination occurs and the single man is responsible to terminate automatic self destruct.

This book wasn’t very good. The character development was poor and there was not enough excitement. Now the book is only short max 300 pages but I am so used to bigger more in-depth books that I found this slow to pick up and to short once it actually got interesting. For me the only good part was the ending that was the only excitement. There were no twists or turns. It turned out to be very liner in direction.

That being said it did give a lot of factual information, and where the book was written so long ago I found myself wondering if it was real and had to look it up. So if you were a space nerd you may find this a very good read.

My reaction to this book was that it could be real you just never know what could happen to us.

Overall 3/10

On to The lost symbol by Dan Brown!

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