Sunday, November 8, 2009

And so the Momentum has begun;


So yesterday was the start of the rest of this weight coming off. And what a great start it was. The scale showed me 185.4. It was about 2.5 lbs off of my home scale. So that means… no weighing in until I am there for the meeting!

I registered and weighed in and got my information package;


I had already read most of it at Lynn’s last weekend it is exciting to have my own!!

The meeting was very packed. I would say 60 + people. Which for me I find it hard to participate when there are that many people, but I listened. Our leader; Terry had asked Lynn and Angie to share the success they had with WW Online and how they stay motivated. They both did a great job.

After that we headed over to Nobody's (I am ashamed to admit I haven't used my membership in a while) and got in a good workout. Then I was off to visit my aunt (also my maid of honour);

IMG_0919 - Copy

There we gabbed and I got some goodies from her!


She used to be on WW and I was able to get some of her books, they aren’t the newest but they will do!

I may have indulged on some wine last night, but enjoyed every minuet of it. Supper was an awesome pork loin roast and I tracked every bite that went into my mouth!! 

This morning we headed home and I have caught up on all reading. Now to plan a healthy lunch and wait patently for Deans steak and squash and couscous for supper!!

Sounds yummy!!


  1. You and I are about the same weight :-) We're going to get there together Holly and I'm super excited that you've joined us. I understand the uncomfortable feeling with the crowd, totally. Lynn and I are just a bit more used to "sharing" our thoughts on our weight loss via blog so I think it is just a smidge easier for us starting out. And even still I feel shy!

    Looking forward to a great week and good for you for putting your membership to use! Lucky you for getting those books from your aunt!

  2. I'm so glad that you came to the meeting!! I know the crowd was big, which makes it hard to share but you're right, even just listening you will probably pick up on useful information.

    I really enjoyed the whole routine of going to the meeting and then right to the gym. That would be fun to do on a regular basis. Going to have to look into signing back up for Nubodys.

    You Aunt is sooooo great for giving you all of those books, I may have to take a peek at a few of them. LOL :)

    Good job at tracking everything so far, here's to a kick ass week!!

  3. I'm looking forward to reading about your successes and your journey!!

  4. I love how motivated all you ladies are!

  5. I love the WW momentum that is going on! Nice work heading to the meetings!! Despite the large group of people I hope you are able to make the most of them!

  6. Yaaaieeee, week one down! Good job for getting in there girl. Sorry we didn't get to talk more...when I got done my workout you were already gone! Hopefully we make it a regular Saturday thing! :)