Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday of week 2

So week two is over and WI is tomorrow!

I am definitely feeling better this week then I did last week. I haven't stepped on the scale once. I have been to the gym 3 times, and I have eaten within my points.

I didn’t eat as many fruits and veggies as I would have liked and I will have to work on that. Also I need to work on making better lunches because I get board of things and then end up buying lunch from work which is never as healthy as bringing it myself.

What do you pack for lunch??

However on that note of me feeling good and everything. I have a total bummer moment from today. I have a pair of PJ pants that I have had for probably 5 years maybe more. They have snowmen on them and are a size large… a very big size large. Anyway Dean was making fun of how old they were and how they are getting very thin. And I made a comment something like “yea but look how big I could be in them” and my mother said something like “ Don’t get any bigger you already fill them up enough” No honestly I just walked away. But I couldn’t believe she would say that. She is the one paying for my WW she knows I am working hard at this and honestly I am PO’d.

I will not be wearing the PJ’s again.

Anyway the weekend is looking exciting, I have WW tomorrow then the gym, and the Halifax Parade of lights is in the evening along with the new Twilight movie!!

Should be action packed!!

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  1. My typical lunch:
    small portion of leftovers from the night before (I always cook extra) usually a yogurt cup and fruit and usually a small chocolate pudding cup for a treat if I need it. I very rarely buy my lunch anymore. For me, leftovers taste better the next day anyways!