Tuesday, November 3, 2009

SOOOOOO Excited!!

Gah I am so excited! I am now able to join WW meetings! I was bummed out about it and asked Mom if she would pay for a birthday gift (which isn’t until December) and she said she would!!I am super excited and pumped for this. It seems like alot of peeps in blog land are re-committing to WW and I can only hope that this will be a good thing!

On to today, it was a busy day and I had originally thought that I was going to have a healthy salad for lunch but for some reason I thought French fries would be a nice treat!! Well I have now learned that fast food is bad food. After eating my fries and gravy I felt like crap, I got irritable and cranky. And I just know it is from the French fries. So I vow now to not eat junk, because I know that I will feel like crap afterwards.

Supper was amazing though; Squash and apple, curry maple soup. Yum Yum!


Dean did a good job today!!

So now I am spending the evening, not feeling well with a headache, and we will be in bed early I am sure. With my kitty cat!


WW in 4 sleeps!!

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  1. It's a good thing the fries made you feel bad so that you will avoid them!