Saturday, November 28, 2009

The results; The Plan;

So here is the damage; there is no damage!! I was down 3.6 lbs!!! Holy freaking wow!!

I was so excited!! And so much more motivated.

My day was spent out. We hit up the gym where I did 50 minuets of activity. We ran a few errands. Ate lunch out and are now home relaxing.

Now for the plan;

This is the food plan, With some changes possibly but for now this is what it looks like










Banana, wrap and peanut butter

Egg (2), cheese (2), spinach, mushrooms

Fibre 1 Cereal, fruit

¼ muffin, fruit

Fibre 1 cereal, fruit

½ muffin

Fibre 1 cereal, fruit


Tim Horton's soup and roll

Soup, ? sandwich

Wrap with chicken spinach etc., bar, yogurt, fruit

WW Smart ones, yogurt, bar, fruit

Left over’s, Yogurt, bar, fruit

WW Smart ones, yogurt, bar, fruit

Leftovers, yogurt, bar, fruit


Pasta and veggies with somosas

Slow cooker roast beef potatoes, carrots, broccoli

Chicken, rice, vegetable

Leftovers (stew or roast beef)


Chicken, potatoes, vegetable

Salmon, rice, vegetable


Fruit, sherbet

Fruit, nachos

Fruit, hot chocolate

Fruit, nachos

Fruit, sherbet

Fruit, sherbet

Fruit, ???


And here is my plan for activity;

  • Saturday – Gym – 50 minuets of cardio
  • Sunday – Walk if it’s nice (go to the trail and walk 40 minutes or more) If it’s not nice I will walk my “loop” which is about 20 minutes or 1point, and that is even in the rain.
  • Monday – Rest, Dean gets off late on Mondays and we can’t fit the gym in, So I will relax, spend some time focusing on me. I may read or paint my toenails.
  • Tuesday – Gym – 25 minutes on the treadmill, 20 minutes on the cross-trainer, and if I am up for it some weights.
  • Wednesday – Another late day for Dean, so more relaxing for me. Might watch a movie or just read.
  • Thursday – Gym, 25 minutes on the treadmill and then the circuit training twice through, and maybe some more cardio if I am feeling it.
  • Friday – We get groceries on this day and I will relax once home, Drink lots of water and keep my sodium intake low.

The De-stress plan;

  • Read for 20 – 30 minuets at night.
  • After my shower, use my nice cream on my skin, wash my face and brush my hair (maybe even blow-dry it)
  • Do not check my work Email at home, it can wait
  • I will allow myself to vent on the drive home, that is it.
  • Light a candle in the evening to help relax


  1. Wow that sounds like a fantastic plan!!! I am hoping to take my new heart rate monitor out for a walk tomorrow to see how it does.

  2. You had an awesome loss Holly, so great!!