Thursday, November 5, 2009

The good The bad and The Headache

Well I will start with The Headache, which is now mostly gone, but I had all day. It is very hard to work in a loud environment when you have a pounding headache. But all in all my day was a good day!

On to the good; 2 more Sleeps till my first WW meeting!!! I am getting very excited for this. I have been thinking on how to divy up my POINTS and thinking of what else to eat other than salads.

How do other split up their POINTS through their day??

The other good is that tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait for this work week to be done!

On to the bad; which isn’t so bad But What I am about to show you can be scary! Here is a time line of me and my weight loss/gain journey to date.

This is me in grade 10, 2001. I was maybe 130 pounds and about a size 8.

  1 - 2001

This is me my 2nd year of University – 2005 – I am probably in the 170’s and this is when I starts WW online.

 3 - 2004 2 - 2004

This is me my last year of university – 2007 – This is when I felt the best I was in the 160’s. Unfortunately I didn’t lose the weight because of WW I lost if because of a heartbreak.

4 - 2006 5 - 2006

These are of my last few months before I graduated – I felt good in my body but the weight was creaping back on, I would say the 170’s

6 - 2007  7 - 2007 9 - 2007

These are when I met Dean and after graduation – In the 180’s and I started thinking about losing wt again – I started feeling uncomfortable and wanting to look better and more professional.


14 - 2008 11 - 200715 - 2008 

A few highligts over the past years weight loss journey. My first 5K – which I didn’t run all of but I wasn’t last place. My wedding which was the prefect day and I wouldn’t change any of it. And my Honeymoon weekend.

17 - 2009 20 - 2009 21 - 2009

And Last is Me Today Weighing in at 185 lbs – I only home my scale is close to the one at the Meeting on Saturday or I could be in for a big surprise:

23 - 2009 24 - 2009

Well that is it. Now everyone knows my journey – which so far has really only been going up in pounds not down. I hope to have pictures at 1 month, 2 months and 10 weeks since I plan to stay in WW for at least that long; and Lose hopefully 15 lbs!


  1. You look beautiful in every one of those pictures. But I know that it is different when you FEEL beautiful, compared to when people tell you. Good luck with the WW!

  2. Tash is right you are beautiful at all those weights.

    WW's tomorrow!!! I'm so glad that you're joining us. You're going to feel better about yourself almost instantly because you have a plan and are in control.

    In regards to the points, I usually eat decent sized breaky between 5-7, lunch is the same and supper is between 6-8. The remaining points I split up for snacks and if I need to use a few allowance points to go towards snacks as well.

    You'll be able to plan it all out when you get your tracker booklet. :)

  3. I'm really really happy that you're joining us tomorrow Holly :-)

    I divvy up my points usually with 5-6 points for breakfast, 4 points for snacks, 6-8 points for lunch and 6-8 supper (typically).

    See ya in the morning!

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