Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quick check in

Hello blog land! – I know I’ve been out for a bit, I have been focusing on me though.

So Sunday supper was wonderful, yesterday was an on point day and then today I sort of fell apart.

I was starving on my morning break so ate the bigger part of my lunch. Then when lunch came around I went and bought a chicken wrap, which i didn’t need. And to top it all off I had some ketchup chips!!!

Ok skip past the beating myself up. I am still on points, still haven't used half my flex points and I can only hope that these next few days will be successful!!

I’ll be in tomorrow for a longer chat!!


  1. I love that you are catching yourself and not writing off the night/points because of some chips, etc. But now you have my craving ketchup chips :)

  2. Exactly, no point in being down on yourself for eating. You tracked it and moved on. Great job my dear!

    FYI - We're going in to re-activate our Nubodys memberships tomorrow so I'm thinking that we hit up the gymbo after the meeting on Saturday. What do you think? Going to mention it to Angie and the rest of the Halibloggers too..