Thursday, November 12, 2009


Alright, I am feeling pretty good today.

First off I am going to start off with a few questions that came up for me.

1) When the serving on a box of pasta doesn't say if it’s cooked or uncooked what do you do. My pasta said 1 Cup or 85g for a serving, but I don’t know if that is cooked or uncooked!

2) At the movie theatre how many cups is a small popcorn, or medium or large for that case?

Ok so on to my day. There was no real sleeping in today for me, I was up around 7. I had breakfast around 9 though and it was some good. I had oatmeal and yogurt and grapes.

We chilled out most of the morning, I have been reading and cross-stitching alot since vacation which makes me happy because I don’t often have alot of time for that.

After lunch (leftover chicken and squash for me) we headed into the city to run some errands. We signed Dean back up to Nobody's and I was not impressed with the girl I got. She was helpful with getting it done, but I found she was pushing more on me, like personal trainers and such. And unbelievable for 12 sessions of couples training it is 800 dollars!! I mean come on who has that kind of money just laying around. I am sure there are other packages but that is what she offered us.

After running around we went to see Saw VI. We are fans of the series and this one did impress. The gore was right on and the twists and turns. Definitely a movie you can talk about afterwards.

We got home late and decided on a simple (yet kind of high pt) supper of chicken strips and homemade fries.

Now we are settling in to watch some more movies and relax for the rest of the evening.

I love vacation!!


  1. I was under the impression that the NI for pasta on the box was always for dry. Most of the Catelli stuff is 85g per serving and it works out to around 6 points. (about 1.5 cups cooked.)

  2. I find Nuboby's expensive for trainers all-around. I got a deal when I joined so I did 6 sessions, but I never felt like it was worth what I paid.

    Keep your eyes open for the extra challeges they sometimes offer. CP Women's has a Biggest Loser thing they do where the trainers have teams that compete against each other for weight loss. You pay like $80 to join for 6-8 weeks and that includes at least one (maybe two) group trainer sessions per week. They look like a lot of fun.

  3. I didn't like either of the 2 trainers I've had from Nubodys either. They weren't worth the money IMO, especially since everything they showed me I could've found out how to do easily online or in a book.

  4. I can't watch movies like Saw. I get creeped out and can't sleep for a week!

  5. I am always confused by pasta! lol I think Lynn is right because once you cook it, the weight would include water so I think they give you the NI before anything is done to it.

    Popcorn: I would use your cupped hand as a measurement for a "cup" and go by how many of those you have.

    I can't watch scarry movies anymore! I'm a wimp :-/