Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crazy Days!

Well since Sunday I haven't really stopped to think about anything!!

Yesterday was back to work, and surprisingly I woke up on time and didn't feel like 4:45 in the morning was evil. I got to work and again was surprised as there wasn’t a zillion notes and reports for me to see over the past 5 days I was off! I had a fairly busy day but did manage to stay with in my points having 10 left for supper.

Then I got home… Well I had baked cookies Sunday and I thought oh I have the points I will have one, which ended up turning into 3. Which still wasn’t horrible because I have WAP’s left and just looked at it as a treat.

Dean got supper ready and I was so excited we were going to have baked pork chops and roasted potatoes!! And they looked amazing!! Then Dean called me to the kitchen to find out the oven is broken… yup doesn't heat up at all. So supper went into the fridge and we had to order Chinese as it was 6 already! So was was going to turn out to be 3 – 4 WAPS spent ended up being 11!!! gah I am over it now!

So today was crazy busy at work, and it didn’t help that 4:45 was evil this morning. I woke up feeling groggy sick to my stomach and just plain tired. So I was busy and I bought a Danish… Which was ok. Then a family member of one of my residents brought in a bunch of baked goods! well there was peanut butter balls! and shortbread! Now I only had one of each which wasn’t so bad since lunch was salad and chicken.

After work we went to the gym!! And I am proud to say I ran for 8.5 minutes on the treadmill!! That is so good for me! Supper was done on the BBQ and turned out wonderful! Lunch is made and supper is done and I am ready for bed!! or at least to relax and do nothing!!

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  1. At least you journalled what you ate! Good for you for tracking it and moving on.
    I know I'm doing the busy thing too!!