Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday showdown!!

Ok so it is Sunday evening and I have won!!

What have I won, well the battle with my emotions, the battle in the kitchen, and the battle with activity.

So what to talk about first;

Well lets start with food. I sadly did not get any pictures of my success but I will try again soon! So breakfast was an egg and egg white scrambled in a WW wrap with spinach and cheese. And it was very tasty and hit the spot! I had a blueberry muffin for a snack and then moved on to lunch. Lunch was another WW wrap with banana and peanut butter – I also stole some of my hunny’s perogies that he was having.

Now onto supper the best part of the day. I slow-cooked a roast, potatoes and carrots, and they turned out amazing!! I am not usually one to cook, Dean does the cooking I sit and relax. lol But let me tell ya, the slow-cooker is the way to go for relaxing. I had already cut up the potatoes and carrots last night so this Moring all I had to do was dump them in put the roast in and some spices – it was wonderful! It was almost like pulled pork. I also steamed some broccoli with it for some added veg.

So activity today was suppose to be a walk on the trail or a quick walk around my loop. Well this morning it was cold – not raining but cold. And I was so cold that I just couldn’t imagine walking on the trail. So I had it in my head that I was gonna do a quick walk around at some point. Well thanks to Lynn I got my butt to the trail and we walked for 80 minuets! It was chilly but ok out.

As for my emotions/stress I was all crapped out after lunch (did it have to do with the perogies??) And we were getting ready to go for our walk and I was all grumpy and didn’t wanna go! Even after we got back home I was still cranky. I think part of it has to do with Dean getting the Christmas stuff out and me still not feeling it in the slightest! So I decided to  have a shower, relax and chill out for a bit. And it worked. I had a nice long hot shower, got out and lathered up with some cream and put my hair in braids. And I felt alot better!

So this evening we will catch up on The Biggest Loser, we are 2 episodes behind, I think I will light a candle and cuddle up and try not to think that tomorrow is Monday and back to work!!

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  1. Where did you walk? I know that Lynn lives out by me...if you wouldn't mind a third if you walk on Sunday afternoons...I'd like to join you...I like in Lake Echo