Sunday, November 15, 2009

Week 1 down and done

Evening everyone, I know people are just dying to know what I lost!

Well I can honestly say I wasn’t excepting a huge lost, I thought maybe a pound. But when I stepped on the scale I was down 2lbs!!! I was in total shock!

Need less to day I was pretty excited. So our meeting went by and then we headed to the gym and met up with Dean and Lynn’s hunny.

I am proud to say I got in 40 minutes of cardio! That is amazing for me. After the gym we went for some Starbucks and then to Cora’s for lunch! Then is was home to relax with some wine.

Today is my last day of vacation and I spent it cleaning and I baked some cookies for Dean this week. We emptied some bottles out of the garage and from there we will be heading into supper!

I am excited for supper tonight as it is total comfort food for me. Chicken with pasta sauce and cheese, some mashed potatoes and some type of veggie, not sure what yet. But to me nothing says comfort like mashed potatoes.

This week will be a normal week hopefully. We are going to start eating supper later and I hope that will help my with my evening snacking. But other than that no exciting things planned!!!

On to week 2!


  1. WooHoo!! Congrats on a great loss. I can't wait to be done with antibiotics so I can stop swelling like a mad woman *S*
    Here's to a great week2!

  2. NICE work on the loss!
    I swear DBF and I were at Coras the same time as you guys!! mmmmm soo good!